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Companies charging credit card usage fees.

Companies listed on this page require an extra commission on sales should you use the American Express Credit Card on your purchases. This is a list of companies are ones that I have personally had dealings with. When in America I found Amex more often and accepted in more stores without any extra commission being added on.

New approach                   PAY BY SMALL CASH.

If everyone presented coin and small notes for their purchases the companies would soon realize that receiving payment by credit card is cheaper to handle rather than counting coin and small notes and taking this to the banks. When a credit card is used they get their funds in the bank the next day and is more convenient and cheaper than employing staff to count and take funds to the bank. The fallacy that the commissions they have to pay to the banks for credit card transactions is a ploy to get an extra amount out of us for doing business with them. Unfortunately the government limited the amount of cash a retailer can accept to $30 (its up to them), so keep tis in mind.

United Fuel Yarra Glen and most United Fuel stops (Amex)

Yenken Mitre 10 Mansfield, Yea, Alexandra. (Amex)

Telstra, (All Cards)

Most Airlines (most Credit Cards)

I hate to add this, my old park Bonnie Doon's Lakeside Leisure Resort has now added this charge to their credit card transactions. (Visa, and Mastercard)