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Colorado Heights Camping Resort. 

Monument, Colorado







 RV Sites




 TV & Wi-Fi


 Wi-Fi (Free)


 Year Round ( Conditions)


Extra Vehicle $5, No water October 15 - April 1 in part of resort

It was here I was introduced to Coast to Coast. I had been to the RV show in Denver and was given a card offering two nights free stay if you attend a 90 minute presentation on their resort. I actually received two cards with this offer, the other was from the Mt Rushmore Resort that I visited later on my trip. The presentation was on the lines of the time share presentations I had seen while I worked at the Sheridan Time Share Resort at Myrtle Beach. I took up the offer of two nights free and attended the presentation. It was very well presented and at the end I nearly walked out but a sales lady grabbed me and started to talk figures. I worked out what I had budgeted for my trip and the figure we settled on was close to this, together with 60 days free storage then a $1 per day after this made the package attractive. It was the usual high pressure situation that the deal was only available now and if you walked out the price went back to the full price. I did sign up and although its not quite what I expected it has worked out reasonably well. The disadvantages are you must book ahead a minimum of 3 days, if you want to stay longer in a place it is virtually impossible to change your itinerary and should you have the problems I experienced going East again it causes problems. I was lucky going East as I did not plan much ahead and phoned ahead instead of using the correct internet booking system. I was caught out a few times and had to pay additional fees at some resorts for this.

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