Gregory T Smith

Traveller, Photographer, & Website Designer           Greg
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Greg's Family

Greg raised 3 Daughters with Pam, my first wife of 31 years whom I met while working in Scotland . They are Linda, Sharon, and Vikki.

 Sharon, Linda & Vikki (Small)

We married in Scotland and after a honeymoon in Torquay, England and 6 weeks touring Europe we migrated to Vancouver Canada where we lived for 12 Months. Pam always wanted to move to Australia so we decided to move back to my home in Australia. I went back to work as an electrician and it wasn't long after returning home that we found out that Pam was pregnant with Sharon.

We bought a house in Doncaster settled down and started the rest of our family. I quickly became and forman and then a manager with Bayley and Grimster, one of the largest electrical companies in Melbourne. I then went on to work with Philips Industries as a lighting salesman.  Both of us still had the travel bug and wanted to go into the tourist industry. We had purchased a caravan for our holidays and were going to sell up and travel in this with our family looking for a caravan park to purchase.  We ended up buying into Bonnie Doon's Lakeside Leisure Resort where the van was stored and eventually bought out the other partners in the business.   We went on to purchase a farm just up the road from the park. The girls grew up with horses and both Sharon and Vikki still have horses on their respective properties.