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Mt Rushmore & Crazy Horse.

Mt Rushmore was an unbelievable experience. It was all that you see however the carving of this monument was an real artistic feat. The organisation behind it was cleverly planed out and the achievement is outstanding. I did go to a lighting ceremony in the evening which was very disappointing, basically a dedication to the services and just  to the Presidents and the lighting was only on for the last 5 minutes of the ceremony. No colour changing or lazars, just a very old flat lighting.


Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse is a private family who has taken on another monument that I believe will be never be finished. Its a momentous task and whilst they were offered Federal funds to complete it the family want to keep it in their control and it now employes the kids of the origional artist and designer who passed away a few years ago. Their rate of construction is very slow and they only build as the funds from admission fees and donations just keep the project rolling slowly. I was lucky enough to be there when an walking association is allowed to have a fund raising weekend once a year and the site is opened to public and are able to walk up to the top of the monument. It was a 6 mile walk on a very warm day but well worth it.



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