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Teton & Keystone National Parks.

 The Teton National Park is a range of mountains and valleys just south of Yellowstone National Park. America has a National Park Pass for $10 for residents over 65 years of age and I qualify holding a green card. Normal price for this is $80 per year however for those over 65 it lasts for a lifetime and allows me access to all parks in America. The Tetons were beautiful and the weather was the same although I did have a few cloudy days'. Most animals in the Teton 





Saw a lot more animals here and got alot closer to them. Got some telephoto shot of animals a long way off in the Teton's but using normal lens and much closer in Yellowstone. At one stage I was face to face with a Bison, I was stoped in the truck waiting for a group of them to cross infront of me and he walked up standing on the roadway right next to me. The bears were a little way off but would not risk getting closer as she did have young ones and I was on foot well away from the truck.

I had to wait 30 minutes for Old Faithful Gieser to blow however a guide in the park gave me a hint on the best place to take photos which was quite a walk away. I got there and then wished I had brought my telephoto lens with me. Did not have enough time to go back and get the lens as Old Faithful only blasts for 30 - 40 seconds every 40 - 50 minutes.






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Mt Rushmore & CrazMt Rushmore & Crazy Horse.y Horse.